Serving: Bolton, Brampton, Vaughan, Kleinberg, Woodbridge, Nobleton & Surrounding Areas
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CrossFit Bolton

1. What is CrossFit?
2. What is the theory behind CrossFit?
3. Why would I choose CrossFit Bolton to achieve my fitness goals?
4. Are all CrossFit gyms the same?
5. What makes your CrossFit gym stand out from the rest?
6. CrossFit looks very challenging. What can I do to prepare before joining?
7. What are your gym hours?
8. How do I get started?
9. I've done the free consultation, now what?
10. Do you allow drop-ins
11. I just want to try out CrossFit, I don't want to commit to long term membership. What are my options?
12. What do I do after I've completed an OnRamp course or four personal training sessions?
13. How long are your membership contracts?
14. I don’t need any help or instruction. Can I join so I have a place where I can come in and do my own workouts?
15. Do I have to reserve prior to attending a class?
16. Can I reserve for a family member?
17. What is the minimum and maximum class size?
18. What happens if I don’t reserve?
19. What happens I reserve but don’t show up?
20. I showed up at the gym part way through a class, what are my options?
21. What if I can't do the Workout of the Day (WOD) because my ________ hurts?
22. What if I don’t want to train in a group setting?
23. I would like to review the movements in the WOD before I come into the gym. How do I do that?
24. How do I cancel/re-schedule a therapy appointment that I booked?
25. What is your cancellation policy?
26. What do I do if I need to take some time off from the gym, but I have a membership commitment?
27. Why do I have to pay a declined transaction fee when my credit card or automatic bank withdrawal payment is declined?
28. I still want to learn more! Do you have any other resources?

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