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CrossFit Bolton
On-Ramp Fundamentals

For the Beginner –  Your Introduction to a Better Body

After you’ve had a chat with one of our CrossFit Coaches, you’ll be able to dive right into your training with an Intro to CrossFit course. It lays a foundation you’ll build on in your ongoing training. You’ll learn how to perform functional movements safely and properly and they will transfer over to daily use inside and outside of the gym.

Our knowledgeable and dedicated coaches will whip you into shape by focusing on technique and mechanics first, then turn up the intensity to get you into true CrossFit mode.

We Gradually Bring Out The Power Your Body Holds

Each session builds on the last, so you’ll need to commit to the entire two week OnRamp course. We’ll go over all the basics of safe CrossFit training and show you the way to optimize your time in the gym. We’re a results oriented team and we’ll lead you on the path to success with this vital beginner program.

Even if you are experienced with other training methods, you will still learn a lot about the CrossFit approach to strength and conditioning and your investment of time and money will be impressively rewarded with attractive results!

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Don’t Let Those Myths Hold You Back

Are you intimidated by the concept of CrossFit? Think that you don’t know enough about working out to safely be part of a CrossFit community? Are you a woman concerned that the CrossFit training program will cause you to ‘bulk up’ or a man thinking the high intensity cardio will cause you to lose muscle mass?

We cover every one of these misconceptions in your “No Sweat” intro. The CrossFit Introductory program will show exactly what you need to do to get noticeable results within weeks and motivate you like crazy until your awesome accomplishments drive you to self -motivation.

Be part of our CrossFit box and start blazing your own fitness trail. We’re forging elite fitness and can help you create a lean and powerful frame. Contact us to book a “No Sweat” intro and find out for yourself why the CrossFit phenomenon is taking over the fitness world.