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CrossFit Bolton
Training Programs

Find the Right CrossFit Program for You

We have a variety of membership options to accommodate any fitness level from beginner to the advanced. We work to improve all facets of health to bring out the best in you both physically and mentally.


After you’ve had a chat with one of our CrossFit Coaches, you’ll be able to dive right into your training with an Intro to CrossFit course. It lays a foundation you’ll build on in your ongoing training. You’ll learn how to perform functional movements safely and properly and they will transfer over to daily use inside and outside of the gym.

Our knowledgeable and dedicated coaches will whip you into shape by focusing on technique and mechanics first, then turn up the intensity to get you into true CrossFit mode. You’ll learn how to perform the fundamental movements safely and properly as we introduce them to you in a systematic and progressive manner. Later, you’ll build upon those skills in our ongoing CrossFit classes. It is a thorough introduction to the CrossFit methodology and preparation tool used to improve mechanics and consistency, prior to increasing intensity during more challenging future workouts.

Personal Training

A time to work one-on-one with our highly trained coaches and reach the true potential of your physical goals.

Unlimited CrossFit

This is the foundation of what we do at CrossFit Bolton and the premier choice for those looking for an intense physical challenge. It’s where we create and nurture the culture of our community and combine the varied fitness levels of our members. Our classes are full of community spirit and the focus is on improving physical skills through various forms of movement. Classes include gymnastics, kettlebells, calisthenics, weightlifting and so much more.

CrossFit Lite

Similar to our Unlimited CrossFit program but for beginners or those that aren’t ready for a commitment. It is offered up to 3 times a week only and on a month to month basis.

CrossFit Kids

Programming specifically designed for children ages 7-12. Each developmental stage is considered with an overall emphasis on fitness and fun.

Olympic Weightlifting

Olympic Weightlifting teaches an athlete how to apply large amounts of force quickly. Part of the extraordinary abilities of Olympic lifters arise from having learned how to effectively activate more muscle fibers more rapidly than those that aren’t trained to do so. This is extremely important for athletes who need to remain at lower body weights for their sport, but need to learn how to apply greater force. Our coaches are certified and experienced at teaching Olympic Weightlifting and can lead you to whatever physical goals you’re after.

Sports Specific Training

Your training can be specific to hockey, soccer, football, baseball, basketball, lacrosse, etc. We’ll create the optimal CrossFit program to maximize your performance on the field, court or ice. Give your team the edge it needs to dominate the upcoming season. We will physically prepare your athletes and guarantee results that will show up in their game.

Team Training

Team building at its best! Our coaches utilize the community building nature of CrossFit to bring together groups that realize the benefits of fitness training to create stronger bonds within their team.

Open Gym

Open Gym can be used as some extra time at the gym to work on a skill, catch up on a workout you missed earlier in the week, work on homework from a Skill Session or Personal Training Session, or as extra time to stretch and mobilize.

If you are a more experienced CrossFitter, Open Gym time can be used to follow our Open Gym Program. The Open Gym Program is typically 8-12 hours per week of CrossFit training. The website program is 5 hours per week of training. The extra time in the gym is necessary for those that aspire to compete in CrossFit. More time in the gym to train and practice will help you improve at a faster rate.

A Coach is on site during Open Gym time to ensure the safety of everyone in the gym and answer the odd question. The Coach is not there to run a class and there is very little, if any, coaching happening during Open Gym time.

The Open Gym membership is $40 per month and can only be purchased as an add-on to an unlimited membership.

Refer to the website schedule for the Open Gym schedule.

Chiropractic, Physio and Massage Therapy

We have a team of licensed professionals on site to attend to any physical issues that you experience including acute or chronic setbacks to your training.

Nutritional Consulting

The food you eat has a major impact on whether or not you achieve your health and fitness goals. Education is a major focus at CrossFit Bolton and our nutritional consultations will give you the knowledge you need to fuel your body properly.

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Our unique training method is how we are forging elite fitness. Give us a call and let us know which CrossFit membership option peaks your interest most.