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Common Mistakes New CrossFitters Make

When new members join CrossFit Bolton, they’re so eager and gung-ho to start, there’s a good chance they’ll make the following rookie mistakes.

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1. Going “all-out” right from the start

Unlike regular gym workouts, CrossFit training is essentially a competitive sport which involves measuring time and results for things like:

  • Weightlifting, total weight and repetitions
  • Running and rowing
  • Heavy carries
  • Climbing rope

Many new CrossFitters come into it thinking they have to compete with everyone else in the gym.

That’s when injuries occur and frustration sets in.

What you should do: Before challenging anyone else, first challenge yourself. Learn how to pace yourself and properly master important CrossFit movements. Take things slowly for a bit and get used to the intensity of CrossFit.

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2. Being inconsistent

To really advance in your CrossFit program, you have to commit to it.

Remember, CrossFit is just as much a sport as it is a workout. As with any sport (hockey, basketball, etc.), practice makes perfect.

Just going to CrossFit every few weeks isn’t a good idea.

Your body won’t be able to handle it and you won’t really know is CrossFit is for you.

What you should do: Make a short-term CrossFit schedule you can stick to. Something like 3 days a week for 3 months will give you a solid introduction to CrossFit (and, if done properly, should also yield results too).

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3. Training like a maniac

Competitive CrossFit is intense. And as we mentioned in point #2, ongoing training is key towards mastering it.

But giving the body sufficient rest and recovery time is also important.

Overtraining can actually be detrimental for a variety of reasons:

  • You’ll always feel sore
  • Nagging aches or injuries never seem to go away
  • It leads to bad habits when performing movements during your CrossFit WOD.

What you should do: When developing your CrossFit calendar, make sure to account for off days too. A good rule of thumb is that for every 3 days you CrossFit, take 1 day off to ensure you’re getting enough rest.

4. Focusing on the destination and not the journey

Many new CrossFit athletes get excited about their personal end goals, they often forget about setting and achieving milestones along the way.

Getting faster and stronger doesn’t happen overnight.

But over time, it will happen in small increments, over time.

It’s cliché, but your CrossFit journey starts with a single step.

What you should do: When you start CrossFitting, take the mindset that each workout, each rep, each nutritious meal is a mini-goal to be celebrated. With patience, practice and dedication, you’ll reach a new personal best every day.

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5. Neglecting to strength train

Have you seen the CrossFit Games on TV?

It’s all about running long distances, long barbell workouts or doing a crazy amount of pull-ups (among other things).

Plenty of new CrossFitters want to able to accomplish those things. So they think they need to improve their endurance.

And while endurance is important, strength training is equally as important.

What you should do: Check your ego at the door. No matter how strong you think you are, there’s always room to get better; particularly if you have ambitions of being a competitive CrossFit athlete. Learn the strength exercises & make them a part of your routine.

6. Forgetting to warm up & stretch

Some new CrossFit athletes walk into the gym, find the first barbell they see and lift it immediately.

A few minutes after, they’re done because they’re sore or injured.

It’s not exciting, but warming up and stretching is a crucial component of your workout.

It gets your body ready for the intense activity it’s about to ensure.

What you should do: Before you start, perform a light jog and dynamic stretches (to increase your core temperature and prepare your muscles so they are elastic and powerful). It gets the muscles and joints prepared and puts you in a positive, relaxed and confident mindset.

CrossFit schedule

7. Quitting during the holidays

CrossFit isn’t something you can start, stop and start up again.

Once you get into a good CrossFit groove, it’s best if you can keep it up. And that includes when life gets busy (especially at Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s).

Many people think putting CrossFit on the back burner for the holidays is a good idea. If they do, one or more of the following could happen:

  • They quit or forget about it altogether
  • They go back to their regular routine only to discover their body can’t handle it
  • They immediately injure themselves

In order to get the most from CrossFit, you need to be consistent over the long haul.

What you should do: Make a plan to stick with your CrossFit schedule, even when things get busy. You’ll have much more energy to enjoy the holidays when you do. And if people try to pressure you to “just miss one class”, remind them that CrossFit is an important part of your healthy lifestyle.

Be safe. Be smart. Be your best you.

When done properly, CrossFit can be challenging, rewarding and exciting.

If you’ve been thinking about giving it a shot, we’d be happy to introduce you to CrossFit.

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