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CrossFit Bolton “Bring a Friend Day” is Saturday, May 30

What is CrossFit, exactly?”

“What is the difference between CrossFit and working out at a regular gym?”

“Why do you like it so much?”

“How can I try it?”

“What does WOD mean?”

Are your friends asking you these questions over and over again? Are you getting tired of repeating the same answers, over and over again?

Stop talking and start showing by bringing your friend to CrossFit Bolton’s “Bring a Friend Day” on Saturday, May 30.

What is “Bring a Friend Day”, exactly?

Well, just as the title implies, we want you to invite a friend to join you for a workout at CrossFit Bolton on Saturday, May 30.

CrossFit Bolton's Bring a Friend Day is Saturday, May 30

Your friend will get to:

If your friend is really eager to experience CrossFit, they can join CrossFit Bolton by signing up for a membership of their own.

Most importantly, though, “Bring a Friend Day” is a chance to show your friend CrossFit’s:

  • Physical benefits as you improve your health and increase your strength and stamina
  • Emotional benefits as you feel good about, and take pride in, your accomplishments
  • Social benefits that come with being part of our encouraging CrossFit Bolton community

Encourage your friend to be part of the CrossFit Bolton community

Get free stuff on “Bring a Friend Day”

If your friend joins CrossFit Bolton (with a 12 month membership) on “Bring a Friend Day” (Saturday, May 30), you’ll both get free stuff:

For you:


For your friend:

  • They’ll get a FREE ONRAMP (you can explain that to your friend that OnRamp is CrossFit Bolton’s beginners course)

So it will really, really benefit you and your friend to join CrossFit Bolton on Saturday, May 30.

If you don’t bring a friend, it’s burpees for you

You’ve been warned.

Got questions? Ask ‘em

Do you want to know more about how “Bring a Friend Day” works?

Is your friend interested in getting a FREE consultation?

Either of you just have any questions in general you want to ask?

No matter what’s on your mind about CrossFit Bolton, we want to hear from you. Contact the team at CrossFit Bolton, and we’ll get back to you to discuss all-things CrossFit.

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  • Michelle Leger

    Alex – Can I bring more then 1 friend? Do we need to let you know a name or we just show up with our friend?