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Four Must-Haves in CrossFit Shoes

Want to know two of the most important elements to finding success with CrossFit training?

Here’s a clue: They’re at opposite ends of your body.

If you guessed your head and toes, you’re correct. Having your mind in the right place will ensure you’re ready to push the intensity while focusing on proper form so that you get the most of your efforts.

Being in the right footwear provides you the base of support and precise control needed to execute all of the movements properly with the full range of motion. So what are the important aspects of the right footwear?

Here’s a list of the top four factors to consider when choosing your CrossFit shoes.



Admit it: No matter what you’re shopping for, the overall durability of the product is a factor.

It’s common sense. When it comes to the shoes you’ll be wearing during your CrossFit training, it should be one of your key priorities.

Why? CrossFit training programs and workouts demand so many different types of actions – from running and jumping to pushing and squatting – that you almost have to consider the shoes you’ll be wearing as a part of your body.

With the movements often requiring split-second timing, you’ll need to be certain you’re always wearing quality shoes capable of withstanding all that punishment and protecting your feet in the process.

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If you had to do 50 pull-ups up would you rather be barefoot or wearing steel toe boots?

Being barefoot would make you far lighter and it would be much easier to complete the pull-ups.

But since it doesn’t make sense to work out barefoot, you need CrossFit shoes.


  • Light shoes will give you greater mobility allowing you to effortlessly maneuver in and out of movements at a much more rapid pace.
  • Heavy shoes are considerably more likely to slow you down or, in extreme cases, prevent you from properly executing movements.

Remember, you don’t want to be as bulky and slow as a hippopotamus, you want to be as quick and agile as a cat.


Comfortable shoes with thick, inflexible fabric may make it easier to sit at your desk for an eight-hour shift, but they’ll likely restrict your movement.

Flexible shoes are what you should be looking for when CrossFit training.

They will need to bend with every nuance of your feet and stop on a dime so before you begin CrossFit training, be sure to:

  • Walk around in your shoes, starting and stopping quickly and testing your overall range of motion.

In a perfect world, you’d be wearing shoes that are contoured to the precise shape of your feet.

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Heel-to-Toe Equality

Think substance over style. In the gym, you should be wearing a shoe without a pronounced heel.

The truth is, outside of colour and minor design differences, there isn’t really a significant distinction in men’s and women’s CrossFit shoes.

Since you’ll be placing a great deal of downward pressure on your feet during your WOD as you sprint, jump, perform burpees or lift weights, you’ll want to mimic the feeling of being on bare feet.

The smaller the difference in heel-to-toe drop, the better. If possible, use a shoe that will have you at an equal height off the ground from the ball of your forefoot (right behind your toes) straight across to your heel.

This equality is frequently referred to as a zero heel-to-toe drop difference.

The closer you are to a zero heel-to-toe drop difference, the greater your chances are of minimizing your risk of injury because of enhanced stability.

Put Your CrossFit Shoes to the Test with Us

You have the shoe. And you have the interest in CrossFit.

Now it’s time to put it all together at CrossFit Bolton.

Book your “no-sweat” intro today to see what CrossFit is all about. You’ll get to see, first-hand, how CrossFit works and the benefits of being part of an active community dedicated to a healthy lifestyle.

We look forward to seeing you. Just don’t forget your shoes.

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