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Friday 150501

Today is the first day that you are required to reserve your class time prior to attending.

You must reserve your spot in the 6am or 1:30pm classes prior to 9pm the night before and you must reserve your spot in the 5, 6 or 7pm classes by 9am the day of. We will be checking the attendance for reservations at 9am and 9pm daily and updating the schedule accordingly.

If you can’t remember your RhinoFit user name and password, email us at and we will reset it for you. Once you have a user name and password you will be able to log on to RhinoFit and quickly and easily reserve your spot.

Any class that doesn’t have the minimum number of people (2) reserved before the appropriate time (9am or 9pm) will be cancelled. We have used this system of reserving classes for the past few months with the 6am class and it has worked extremely well.

Class cancellations will always be indicated on the website schedule so please check the schedule prior to attending a class. We will also be limiting classes to 15 people so if you are the 16th to reserve, you could miss out.

Here are the most popular questions I’ve had so far:

(1) What happens if I don’t know I can train until the last minute but I show up?

In this scenario you show up but you didn’t reserve. If you show up without reserving, you run the risk of showing up to a class that has been canceled due to not having the minimum number of people reserved (2) in it. You also run the risk of being the 16th person and being turned away because the class is already full.

(2) What happens if you reserve, but something changes and you can’t make it?

In this scenario you reserve but you don’t show up. If you reserve but don’t show up, you run the risk of being the 2nd or 15th person. If you were the 2nd person to reserve, the instructor shows up to a class that should have been cancelled (due to not having the minimum number of attendees). If you reserve and don’t show up to a class that has 15 people booked, you could have potentially taken a spot away from someone else (assuming there was a 16th person that wanted to attend).

(3) What classes does this apply to?

Reserving classes applies to all adult classes. It does not apply to kids classes or open gym.

Hopefully this answers all your questions about why it is important that we follow the instructions to reserve classes. Thank you for your anticipated cooperation!



Front Squat

For time:
Run 800m (or Row 1000m)
50 Handstand Push-ups
50 Toes to bar
Run 800m (or Row 1000m)

CrossFit Bolton DSC_0009
Front Squat

  • Judy

    i’ll be in today at 7

  • Ann Marie

    I will be in today at 1:30. Will be sure to sign in by the required time going forward.