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No Excuses. How to Stay Motivated in Winter.

It’s winter. It’s cold and snowing outside.

You’d much rather stay inside instead of heading to the CrossFit Bolton box.

Quite frankly, winter weather is a lame excuse to skip your CrossFit program.

You live in Canada. You know it gets cold during winter. And you know how to make it to work and back in the frigid weather.

Still, if you need a little extra help in staying motivated this winter, try to follow these helpful tips.


Splurge on new gear

In winter, the CrossFit training box gets a little chillier.

But hooking yourself up with new CrossFit workout gear, such as…

  • Hats or toques
  • Gloves
  • Knee socks
  • Thermals

…Will keep you comfortable during warm-up.

Of course, you’ll want to discard those layers once you really start getting into the CrossFit WOD.

CrossFit Bolton DSC_0029

Give yourself a BIG goal

Winter can be long and dreary.

Setting an ambitious goal – and seeing incremental results after every workout – can go a long way towards making the season feel shorter.

Perhaps you want to add some weight to your deadlift.

Maybe you want to shave a few seconds off your 500 metre row time.

Or you just want to add some more muscle over the winter.

Establish a big – but doable – goal and a target date (by the way, the first day of spring is Monday, March 20).

Then, start working to make it happen.

CrossFit Bolton DSC_0067

Partner up

Are you the type of person who tends to exercise alone?

This winter, partner up with a fellow CrossFitter and hold each other accountable.

When a winter storm is howling outside, call your buddy and encourage them to make the trip to that day’s class.

Over winter, people will notice when you or your buddy aren’t there.

Don’t be that guy (or gal).

Instead, find a friend and help each other out by doing things like:

  • Taking turns driving each other to the gym
  • Working together to shovel your walkways or driveways
  • Motivating your partner (and yourself) to get to the box

Create a new CrossFit playlist

Make a new music playlist that’s specific for your winter CrossFit schedule.

It should be something that gets you pumped up, excited and ready to move.

Have your playlist ready to go, especially in the car.

That way, when it’s dreary outside, you’ll be rocking inside.

If you use a music service like Spotify or Pandora, finding a pumpin’ CrossFit playlist is as easy as typing CrossFit in the search bar.

Lastly, feel free to share your new playlist with your coaches and help everyone get their groove on.

Master a new movement

There are so many CrossFit movements to master, such as:

  • Squat
  • Push press
  • Deadlift
  • Clean

If you’re strong in one movement, but think you can improve in another, winter is a perfect time to set a new year’s resolution and become an expert at something new, like the overhead squat or push jerk.


chocolate pudding

Watch your diet

Winter is full of nutrition hazards, like:

  • Endless Christmas parties
  • New Year’s celebrations
  • Staying warm with coffee
  • Splurging on the donuts brought to work

It’s okay to treat yourself once in a while.

But don’t let this winter undo all the hard work you’ve done to improve your fitness and health up to this point.

Keep telling yourself you won’t put on “winter weight” this year.

Then, make sure you always visit CrossFit Bolton to participate in the daily workout.

Embrace the winter

Old man winter is tough.

But you do CrossFit. You’re much tougher than snow.

Bundle up, head outside, make it to CrossFit and show winter who’s boss.

Don’t let a little snow keep you cooped up inside; bored and unproductive.

The best way to stay warm in winter? CrossFit!

Want to keep warm in winter?

Looking to get fit for the new year?

CrossFit can help you do both in a fun, friendly and encouraging environment.

Starting at CrossFit Bolton is easy:

Book a "No Sweat" Intro

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