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20 May


On July 15th of 2009, I stepped into a gym for the first time. Yes, a gym for the first time! I was extremely intimidated, I did not feel strong. I was determined to get into the best shape of my life. After a few months I was dedicated to CrossFit and going to the gym became less intimidating. The encouragement from the community at CrossFit Bolton made me feel comfortable. CrossFit has taught me so much about myself that I did not know. I set goals for myself and once I started meeting them I set new ones. In October 2010 I became a Certified Trainer. Looking back in my trusty CrossFit notebook reminds me of where I started. I have tracked my progress and am amazed that I can back squat 165lbs. today when I could only do 95lbs. when I first started, or how in July of 2009 I could barely push 55lbs. over my head and now I can push 115lbs.! Not only has CrossFit made me a stronger person physically it has strengthened my confidence. I learned that I am capable of doing more than I ever thought possible. CrossFit is a place where strong women are welcome, encouraged and applauded. CrossFit helped me balance school, a part-time job and of course, my life. My family has seen a huge difference in me both physically and mentally. I feel like I clear my mind at CrossFit, when I hear the clock count down I forget about my essay on Dante's Comedy or about my car that constantly breaks down. Best of all, CrossFit is a place where you can have fun. There is a regular crowd at our Friday night session and we have affectionately called ourselves the 'Friday Night Club' (I didn't say we were the most creative bunch).You will always hear people laughing at CrossFit Bolton, it is truly a place to have a good time. I hope to reach more people and educate them on the benefits of CrossFit for body, mind and soul. In the future I hope that I am training athletes from all walks of life. I want to see everyone from the eighteen year old hockey star to the 50 something stay-at-home mom.

When I hear the clock count down in the gym 3...2...1...I think: this is your chance to give it all you have. The same applies when I open my eyes each morning...Go!

-Sara Segat